Green energy target: « Big challenges ahead »

[Facebook Post published on the GEAI page, 24th June, 2016]

The Irish Government judges unattainable the EU’s 2020 targets on climate, the purpose of which is to achieve 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, 20% energy from renewables and 20% improvement in energy efficiency. According to Denis Naughten, the new Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, transport and agriculture are two big emissions sectors and it is a challenge for the Government to reduce their carbon emissions. He criticises European targets and considers them as “never going to be attainable in the way they were structured”.


Although this seems to be negative on the part of the Minister, he is right to target agriculture and transport. The burden of tackling climate change must be shared by all departments and so far, there have been no substantial proposals from either department.

Read the article « Ireland won’t ‘throw towel in’ on climate targets, says Naughten« , Harry McGee, The Irish Times, 20th June, 2016.