[EN] Nantes airport in France: Concret 1 / Nature 0

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There was not only the football match yesterday in France, yesterday came the result of the local referendum to approve the building of a controversial new airport near Nantes, which had also been eagerly awaited. Surprisinly, over 55% of voters gave their approval.


The Prime Minister welcomed this result and announced this morning that the airport area will be evacuated as soon as possible to start the project. A present, a hundred environment defenders are occupying the zone called Notre-Dame-des-Landes and clashes with French police are frequent. Attempts to evacuate the defenders have failed so far and activists refuse to leave the place, a perspective of troubles.

Read the article – « Much delayed new Nantes airport finally gets a thumbs up » , Euronews.com, 27th June, 2016.  



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