[EN] CO2 Reduction and shale gas development: the impossible alliance

[Facebook post published on GEAI page – 12 July, 2016] (Article en français ici)

The conclusions of the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) are clear: If the UK wants to reduce its carbon impact, the exploitation of shale gas is a contradiction. In the current situation, the CCC considers that gas production could not be in line with carbon budget requirements.

Domestic production of shale gas will lead to additional carbon emissions and It is difficult to see how significant further emissions reductions could be found to offset the impact of additional fossil fuel production. The solution proposed by Government is to meet its carbon budgets by emission reduction in other sectors. A cockeyed idea.

Read the article« CCC: Fracking would breach UK climate goals without tougher conditions », Carbon Brief, 7th July, 2016.