Exclusive! With the help of our medium, Margaret Thatcher accepted to be interviewed for L’Auberge de l’Info. It is her first public declaration since her death and the Iron Lady hasn’t lost her shape.

Queen Elisabeth ruled over the UK for 65 years and she celebrates this year her 91th birthday. What’s your reaction?
Apparently, she refuses to join me and I have never thought she could live that long. Despite her nice appearance in public, she is very rude in private. I keep a very bad memory of our face-to-face meeting. Usually, I refused to leave her advices because she lives completely cut off from the rest of the country.

Have you never had appeased relation together?
Never! I will give you a scoop. The first day when I met her, her ugly dogs peed on my handbag. She didn’t apologise and just said “My corgis don’t like poor taste”. I am sure she was jealous of my hair because since her coronation she is bald as a coot. Until this day, I understood how our relation will be.

You stayed eleven years in Downing Street, the second longer mandate in the UK history. What do you think about your successors?
To be honest, I am desperate because they didn’t have between their legs that I had in each of my decision. I cannot have an opinion for Theresa May, she is just arrived. But I am waiting her first results.


Don’t be affraid, Maggie is back!

Is this a force to a woman in the head of the country?
I don’t believe, it is just depending who you are and if you are powerful or not. PM May looks like a strong politician and she has a big challenge: say good bye to EU and say no to migrants. I hope she will take example of my intransigence with miners.

But it is not sure that she wants your unpopularity. How did you feel during your funerals with all these criticisms and abuses?
I will tell you my thinking: in one century, we will remember only my name. I was the better PM in the UK history. Don’t bury my ideas so quickly, I had a real political vision.

Could you choose on memory of your mandate?
Well… I will never forget my strange report with the President Reagan. He was completely submitted of my decisions and I called him every day. Maybe he was a bit in love of my English charm.

Do you have another funny moment to share?
I had a secret. I loved to stay in the armchair in the PM desk and looked the protract of Churchill in his eyes. I enjoyed to tell him “Look, I am doing that you, the king of misogynist, has never did!”

How did you live mental degradation?
It was very sad for my family and at the end I couldn’t remember them. People stopped to call me and nobody asked me some political advices. My last days were so long and my breakdown so deep.

Thank you Margaret to give some of your time for OpinionS.
You are welcome. Now I have to go, I like to move my shadow and drop some glasses in Buckingham Palace. Goodbye!


Funny interview did in the MA year 2 Track Journalism career and international issues in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, France.  



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